About Us

Tahoe Carson Radiology’s Mission Statement:

Tahoe Carson Radiology is built on a trusting collaboration with the medical community in order to develop an integrated healthcare network that provides compassion, quality and cost effective services.

Tahoe Carson Radiology’s Vision Statement:

In fostering an integrated delivery system, TCR will facilitate the enhancement of medical practices through the stewardship of resources, quality services, collaborative efforts and state of the art technology.  This endeavor will promote a healthier community by stressing advocacy, health and wellness education, and preventive measures through the continuity of care.

In addition to our hospital relationships, TCR has been involved in outpatient imaging centers since 1970.  During our tenure as managing partner of a hospital joint venture and ownership of our independent imaging center, TCR has gained experience in the management and operation of successful imaging centers.   TCR will look at every opportunity to enhance the success of your hospital’s radiology department by providing professional leadership, unmatched customer service to physicians, employees, and patients and general expertise in medical imaging services.

In addition to providing over read services for multiple physician practices, occupational medicine and urgent care centers, TCR currently provides Professional imaging services to the following imaging locations:

•    Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare, Carson City, NV
•    Sierra Surgical Hospital, Carson City, NV
•    South Lyon Medical Center, Yerington, Nevada
•    Mount Grant Hospital, Hawthorne, NV
•    Battle Mountain General Hospital, Battle Mountain, NV
•    Arizona Advance Imaging, Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, AZ
•    Grover Dils Medical Center, Caliente, NV

•    High Desert Imaging
•    Centennial Neurology, Las Vegas, NV
•    A+ Total Care, Elko, NV
•    Silver State Neurology, Las Vegas, NV

We have two (2) fellowship trained interventional Radiologists who provide the following services in outpatient interventional radiology clinic settings:

•    Suspected peripheral vascular disease (PAD)  i.e. claudication, non-healing ulcers
•    Vertebroplasty – symptomatic osteoporotic compression fractures
•    Symptomatic varicose veins and/or chronic venous stasis
•    Recent onset of marked hypertension or difficult to manage hypertension-suspected
     renal artery stenosis
•    Uterine fibroid embolization for symptomatic uterine fibroids
•    Congenital Angiomas and vascular malformations
•    Radiofrequency ablation for liver tumors
•    Difficult organ biopsy
•    Difficult vascular access
•    Epidurals for pain management

Contact us today to experience the highest level of focus and attention during your x-ray and medical imaging.