Community Education

TCR understands the need for patient and community education in today’s world. 
We live in a society that requires information and education prior to making medical
decisions. Our radiologists have held frequent public educational sessions in an attempt to educate our community about non-invasive diagnosis and treatment options.  From attending health fairs, to sponsoring events such as the Legs for Life and Aortic Aneurysm Screening, TCR is and will continue to be a conduit to allow for the education of anycommunity we serve.

Breast Imaging/Mammography

American Cancer Society
Standard mammo screening recommendations/guidelines

American College of Radiology


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Breast Density Information Brochure


Physician Talking Points 


Society of Breast Imaging
Talking points on ACRIN 6666

Kinsey Mammo station

Dr. Kinsey Pillsbury

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Society of Skeletal Radiology


Exams for MSK Radiology

Pillsbury & Erogul

Dr. Edmund Pillsbury & Dr. John Erogul

Musculoskeletal Specialists



What is Neuroradiology


American Journal of Nueroradiology

Berecky, Turner

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Neuroradiology Specialists

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