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Community Education

Tahoe Carson Radiology understands the need for patient and community education prior to making medical decisions. Our Radiologists have held public education sessions to educate our community about no-invasive diagnosis and treatment options.  We have attended health fairs and sponsored events such as Legs for Life and Aortic Aneurysm Screenings.  Tahoe Carson Radiology will continue to be a conduit to allow for the education of all the communities that we serve.

Mammography & Breast Imaging Resources


American College of Radiology

Breast Density Information Brochure

Physician Talking Points

Society of Breast Imaging

American Cancer Society

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MSK - Musculoskeletal Resources

Image by Adam Rhodes

Society of Skeletal Radiology

Neuroradiology Resources

American Journal of Neuroradiology

Brain Scan
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